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COVID-19 Research Participants Needed

Health research is an important part of care Alberta, especially now. You can help. Check out the list of all COVID-19 studies currently underway in our province. There are lots of ways to participate. This list will be updated daily, so make syre you check back frequently.

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Health research finds new ways to prevent illness, detect diseases, test new treatments, and improve patient outcomes and experiences in the health care system. When you take part in health research, you can help make sure research is relevant to the people it affects.

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Health research opportunities for patients include taking part in working groups, councils, and steering committees as research partners. You can even take a more active role by co-leading research to make sure findings are meaningful to the public.

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Health research studies include clinical trials, observational studies, and other types of data-gathering studies where patients are subjects or participants. These studies explore questions and find answers to our most pressing diseases and health conditions.

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Who Can Take Part?

Health research is a partnership between investigators and patients. Patients can help improve research and the health care system by sharing their stories, experiences, perspectives, knowledge, and expertise.

You’re considered a patient if you have a medical condition, have personal experience with the health care system, or are a family member, caregiver, or friend to someone who does.


“The value of clinical research is in front of us every day.”

Shanine’s daughter was diagnosed with biliary atresia as a newborn and needed a liver transplant at 9 months old. After the successful transplant, Shanine believes in giving back to studies and research to help promote new clinical advances.

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There are lots of ways to get involved in health research. Explore opportunities to help shape Alberta’s future in health, whether as a research partner or research participant. You can also stay updated on new opportunities by reading our blog, following us on social media, signing up for email updates, or joining the Albertans4HealthResearch Network.


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Your voice matters. Use your experiences as a patient to help plan, carry out, analyze, and share research through one of the many opportunities in the Albertans4HealthResearch Network.

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Right now there are thousands of active research studies happening in Alberta. Check out the clinical research database and talk to your doctor about participating.

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